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If you live in White Plains, NY, or greater Westchester County, you’re probably very familiar with traffic—and with our area’s stringent traffic laws, as well as the local police force’s propensity to issue tickets. You may have even gotten an infraction or received a ticket before yourself. After all, White Plains has more speed traps per capita than anywhere else in the State of New York. Additionally, our many schools as well as near-constant construction (especially around Interstate 287) create school zones and work zones. These zones often trip drivers up with lower-than-average speed limits, and can also yield heightened fines, sometimes as much as double the amount charged in non-school and non-work zones.

While it is true that traffic infractions are common in White Plains, they should not be taken lightly. Vehicle and traffic laws (or “VTL”) are there for a reason—to keep everyone in the community safe, including you. In addition, while many people don’t take the potential consequences for traffic violations and associated charges very seriously, this is often a grave mistake. Many vehicle and traffic charges can result in much more extensive and far-reaching consequences than most people realize. These can include:

  • Extensive fines and fees, which can snowball if left unpaid
  • Double fines and increased penalties (especially when it comes to tickets received in school and work zones)
  • Assessment/monitoring programs, such as Driver Responsibility Assessments (as well as the associated fees)
  • DMV-related issues, including license suspension
  • Points on your license, which can result in increased insurance premiums and potential DMV ramifications (including license suspension)

Dealing with traffic violations, tickets, summons, and both traffic court and DMV hearings can also be complex, time-consuming, and confusing. In addition to not having the time, many people do not know how to appropriately advocate for themselves when dealing with these matters, and may wind up with more severe charges than they would if they knew how to properly negotiate.

Attorney Glen A. Kurtis is an experienced White Plains VLT (Vehicle and Traffic Law) attorney. He is well-versed in the ins-and-outs of White Plains and Westchester County traffic laws, and knows how to get you the best deal possible when it comes to traffic and vehicle violations and associated charges.

For most residents of White Plains, driving is a crucial part of everyday life. Unfortunately, traffic and vehicular charges that are not properly handled can have serious consequences when it comes to your driving life. In some cases, drivers find themselves watching their insurance premiums double, or even becoming unable to drive altogether, all because they didn’t properly handle a traffic offense. Attorney Kurtis can help you avoid those unnecessary and burdensome complications.

Attorney Kurti’s areas of expertise include:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Moving violations
  • Cell phone violations
  • Traffic safety violations
  • Traffic court negotiations and hearings
  • DMV negotiations and hearings
  • License suspension
  • Unlicensed Operation charges
  • Operation with Suspended Registration charges
  • Reckless Driving charges
  • Uninsured Operation charges
  • Other traffic, vehicle, and driving charges

Whatever sort of VTL case you’re facing in White Plains, NY, Attorney Glen A. Kurtis can help. Call today for an expert consultation on your White Plains VTL case.

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