How Can Insurance Adjusters Use My Recorded Statement Against Me If I Am Telling The Truth?

Do I Need To Give A Recorded Statement To The Other Party’s Insurance In A Slip And Fall Case?

What Do I Do If The Insurance Adjuster Contacts Me After A Slip And Fall?

Should I Give An Oral Statement On The Phone To Insurance Adjusters After A Slip And Fall?

What Happens If I Don’t Respond To The Complaint And Don’t Show For Court? What Actions Can A Judge Impose In A Default Judgement?

I Have Received A Notice Of The Complaint. How Long Do I Have To Respond?

Is There A Statute Of Limitations Against A Debt Buyer Filing A Lawsuit Against Me?

When Is A Debt Buyer Likely To File A Lawsuit Against Me? How Serious Does The Debt And Delinquency Have To Be?

Why Do Creditors Sell Debt To These Debt Buyers? Do Most People Understand The Difference?

What Is The Difference Between A Debt Buyer Versus The Original Creditor?

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