Do I Need To Meet Filing Or Other Deadlines?

My Home Was Already Sold At Auction But I Am Still Living In It. Can I Be Evicted?

Do You Expect To See A Rise In Foreclosures During And After The COVID-19 Crisis Is Over?

Should I Wait To Hire A Foreclosure Attorney Until The COVID Crisis Is Over Or Should I Do It Now?

Can My Lender Start A Foreclosure Proceeding Against Me In NY State During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Do I Need To Attend A Previously Scheduled Settlement Conference?

What Is The Role Of A Deficiency Judgment In A Foreclosure?

How Can An Attorney Use The Chain Of Title To Defend Against Foreclosure?

The Deposition

Can I File For Bankruptcy At This Time When Most Of The Courts Are Closed?

If I Can’t Afford Payments For A Chapter 13 Plan, Can I Qualify For A Chapter 7?

Do You Expect To See A Rise In Bankruptcy Cases During And After The COVID-19 Crisis?

What Should I Do If I Am Having Problems Making Car & Mortgage Payments During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Should I Let My Debt Worsen During The COVID-19 Crisis Or Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Will Recent Credit Card Debts Be Forgiven If I File For Bankruptcy Now?

If I Decide To File For Bankruptcy, What Do I Have To Do Before I File?

Should I Sell Things Before Filing Bankruptcy?

I Don’t Have A Lot Of Credit Card Debt. Do I Still Need To File A Bankruptcy?

I Feel Guilty And Ashamed Of The Thought Of Filing Bankruptcy. Will Everyone Know?

Will I Even Qualify For A Personal Bankruptcy?

What Are Some Other Considerations When Filing Bankruptcy?

Personal Injury
Do I Need To Give A Recorded Statement To The Other Party’s Insurance In A Slip And Fall Case?

How Can Insurance Adjusters Use My Recorded Statement Against Me If I Am Telling The Truth?

Should I Give An Oral Statement On The Phone To Insurance Adjusters After A Slip And Fall?

What Do I Do If The Insurance Adjuster Contacts Me After A Slip And Fall?

Should I Call My Insurance Company About An Auto Accident? What About The Other Party’s Insurance?

What Are Some Defenses Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Injury Claims?

What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Typically Handle?

What Are The Top Misconceptions About Working With Personal Injury Attorney & The Recovery Process?

What Are The Factors That Make A Sound And Viable Personal Injury Claim?

What Factors Determine The Viability Of A Personal Injury Claim?

Real Estate Law
How Much Advance Notice Does A Landlord Have To Give to A Tenant For An Eviction?

How Soon Must A Tenant Vacate The Premises After Receiving An Eviction Notice?

What Are Some Important Things To Know Prior To Getting Involved In A Real Estate Transaction?

Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney If I Am Buying A Single Family Home?

What Should I Keep In Mind When I’m Preparing To Sell Or Purchase Property?

Debt Collection
I Owe Debt To A Creditor: Is My Paycheck In Danger?

Owe Debt In New York? You May Not Have To Pay It Back

Is My Debt Safe From Collections In New York?

Old Debt: Do I Have To Pay It Back?

What Are Debt Collectors Not Allowed To Do?

What Should I Do If A Debt Collector Sues Me?

What Does The Debt Collector Have To Tell Me About The Debt?

What If I Don’t Think I Owe The Debt?

How Can I Stop A Debt Collector From Contacting Me?

Can A Debt Collector Contact Anyone Else About My Debt?

Can Debt Collectors Contact Me Any Time Or Any Place?

How Can A Debt Collector Contact Me?

What Is The First Thing I Should Consider When Deciding For Debt Settlement In New York?

How Does The Process Of Debt Settlement Work In New York?

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Debt Settled?

What Is Debt Collection Under New York State Law?

What Is Wage Garnishment And When Is This Tactic Employed In New York?

What Are My Rights If I Feel I Am Being Harassed By A Debt Collector?

What Is Considered Harassment When It Comes To Debt Collection Efforts?

Debt Defense
What Is A Debt Buyer?

What Is An Automatic Stay And How Can It Help Me In My Consumer Debt Defense Case?

What Is Debt Defense?

What Is A Judgment And A Default Judgment? When Are They Typically Imposed?

What Is Wage Garnishment? How Much Of Your Wages Do They Take?

Is It Advisable Not To Make Any Payments When Contacted By The Creditors Or Collectors?

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