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Are you tired of being harassed by creditors for debts you can’t afford to pay back? If you have debts that need to be repaid but cannot file for bankruptcy, I can work with you to help you consolidate your debts. At my law firm – Glen A. Kurtis, P.C. – I help clients throughout New York State consolidate their debts into one monthly payment. To schedule your free initial consultation, please Debt relief attorney in White Plains, NY or call (914) 230-0040. I have been practicing as a Debt Relief Attorney in White Plains, NY for many years now.

Why Consider Debt Settlement?

If you have debt from credit cards, medical bills, car loans or other sources, you may not be able to pay it off. I work with clients in New York to help them with debt consolidation and debt management. Call the New York Debt Relief Lawyers at my office Glen A. Kurtis, P.C. at (914) 230-0040.

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Debt Collection & Collection Harassment:
Debt Defense:

Working with an experienced attorney can save you time and money. I have been representing clients in debt settlement since 1998, and I will negotiate everything for you. Rather than worrying about several monthly payments, you will have just one consolidated payment. Call our debt relief attorney in White Plains, NY at (914) 230-0040 for a Free Case Evaluation.

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If you are interested in settling your debt but do not want to declare bankruptcy, there are other options. Working with an attorney can help protect your assets and consolidate your debts. To schedule your free initial consultation, please contact me or call (914) 230-0040. I work with clients to create payment plans that work. The Westchester County Debt Relief Lawyers are ready to serve you.

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