Can You Discharge Your Student Loans in a Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big step and one which needs to be taken seriously. However, in some situations, the debts become just too much, and the only way out is filing for bankruptcy. That being said, not all debt can be discharged and forgotten. One of these types of debt are your student loans; at least normally. There are certain cases where you may be able to have your student loans discharged. Bankruptcy experts at Chang & Diamond Bankruptcy Lawyer Office share some insight in the bankruptcy process. Why Student Loans Are a Problem More and more people in… Read More →

Can You Do Debt Settlement And Debt Consolidation At The Same Time?

It’s definitely confusing as whether you should choose consolidation, or settlement, to pay off your debts and be debt free. Both have their own pros and cons, and both are wonderful and effective when you have huge debt amounts taking up the most of your monthly paycheck. You need to understand both the debt relief options in total clarity, and then go for the one that you are most comfortable with. In the meantime, our question is a bit different. We will discuss whether or not you can do both debt consolidation and debt settlement at the same time. Well,… Read More →

Importance Of Termination Clause In A Contract

A business contract typically includes such attributes as termination clauses and confidentiality provisions. Such agreements are invoked in all industries and many of the contractual clauses are used across most sectors. In fact, there are various clauses likely to make appearances in nearly every contract draft. Commercial contracts, most notably, have a certain set of standards and conditions. Various clauses in a contract serve to protect your business from miscommunication and lawsuits, providing legal safeguards that your business may not otherwise receive. You may also come across contract clauses that you review and notice the same subjects repeated, but are… Read More →

The Repercussions of Violating a Business Law

There are dozens of laws that regulate the operations of all businesses within all states in the U.S. These laws are usually also accompanied by certain consequences for anyone who breaks them. As such, it is usually in the best interest of every small business owner not to violate them. However, this is easier said than done. While the vast majority of people would rather not run foul of any law that has been put in place, the reality on ground is that it is quite impossible to find a situation where you will never find anyone who, for some… Read More →